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Dental Restoration

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Dental Restoration in Chino, CA

At Gavrila Dental, we provide our patients with the best possible dental care, whether it is preventive, restorative, or cosmetic in nature. We leverage new, highly advanced technologies, materials, and procedures to restore your natural, healthy smile that looks and functions as it’s meant to be.

When you have a problem with your teeth, the function of your mouth deteriorates. For instance, a toothache, cavity, or cracked tooth may prevent you from eating properly and smiling. The added stress also affects your health and general wellbeing. Gavrila Dental provides a wide range of dental restoration procedures to address nearly every dental concern you may have, from a simple filling to dental implants.

Our Dental Repair Treatments

Restorative dentistry involves an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to dental treatment to deliver optimal tooth function, health, and esthetics for our patients in Chino, CA. We apply our expertise and experience in the various aspects of dentistry to give our patients the best possible long-term solutions.

Considering that most modern restorations are designed to give you a natural look and feel, or improve on your existing appearance, our restorative procedures tend to overlap with cosmetic treatments. This means that we not only help to repair your teeth and restore function, but also improve the appearance of your smile.

As a board-certified dental professional, Dr. Margareta Gavrila delivers timely and quality services that are tailored to meet the US standards. Restorative treatments involve the diagnosis - including x-rays - and the treatment of conditions that affect your teeth, gums, and jaw or the maxillofacial region.

Common dental restoration and replacement services include:

  • Removing tooth decay and filling the cavity with appropriate material

  • Treatment of dental trauma including loosened, broken, or knocked-out tooth

  • Diagnosis and treatment of toothache, gum disease, and other symptoms

  • Tooth extraction

  • Treatment for missing teeth

  • Placement of bridgework and crowns

  • Fitting dentures

  • Implants

  • Orthodontics

  • Root canal treatment

We Care about our Patients’ Experience

We recommend that you visit Dr. Gavrila every six months for preventive care to help maintain the optimal health of your mouth. Regular professional cleaning and routine exams help to prevent the buildup of disease-causing bacteria in your mouth. Moreover, the exams help to identify problems in the earliest stages for timely intervention before they become a serious problem. Book an appointment today!